Alex Adriaansens

Founder of V2_

Alex Adriaansens (1953-2018) studied at the Royal Academy for Art and Design in 's Hertogenbosch (NL). With Joke Brouwer he was one of the founders of V2_. Art, science and technology and how they critique and construct the realities we live in was a major point of interest in his presentations. Alex Adriaansens was director of V2_ until June 2018, and afterwards was an advisor and consultant at V2_. As the artistic director of V2_he was also responsible for the DEAF bi-annual festival one of the major European festivals on art, science and technology. Alex passed away on 30 December 2018, after several years of struggling with cancer.

Alex Adriaansens was active in several advisory commitees (a.o. Frank Mohr Institute, NL; Witteveen Bos Award, NL; ), advisory boards (a.o. Transmediale, D; TEKS, NO; China Media Arts tri-annual, CN; ISEA; Todaysart Festival, NL; eArts, CN) and has been a guest curator for several exhibitions (a.o. Meta.morf, NO; MOCA, TW; Itau Cultural, BR).

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