Carles Tardio Pi

Carles Tardío Pi

Carles Tardio Pi

Carles Tardío Pi (ES) is interested in many aspects related to ecology.

Born in Barcelona, Carles Tardío Pi studied physics at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and also at the Università degli studi di Pisa, where he specialize in the study of irreversible processes applied to economics and sociodynamics.
His growing interest in the study of the metabolism of the society has lead him to collaborate with the Oil Crash Observatory within the ICM-CSIC and to undertake a Master degree in Ecological Economics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
He has worked for the science department of Arts Santa Mònica as a researcher in the project Canvi i Temps - Complexity in Sciences, and for the exhibition Cultures of Change: Social Atoms and Electronic Lives. There he has also worked in the educational program for the exhibition Invisible Fields - Geographies of Radio Waves.
He has been involved in the Barcelona electronic music scene working in the alternative club Mama Mandawa and as a member of Panceta's Crew collective.
At V2_, Carles collaborated with the creation of the ecology database and he developed a visual research interface for the knowledge base (April - July 2012).  


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