Erik Hobijn

Erik Hobijn [interview still, 1993]

Erik Hobijn

Erik Hobijn (NL) is a media, machine and action artist.

Erik Hobijn is a media and machine artist with Dutch nationality, and who lives in Berlin. He is the founder of the Techno-Parasites and founding member of the Dutch art group Netband. He made several extreme installations in which fire is an important part of the work. The installation Dante Organ consists of 12 flame throwers controlled by a computer, and Delusions of Self-Immolation is a machine of controlled self arson. Other installations include the interactive smell installation Olfactoric Nervous System.

He participated in the V2_ book Book for the Electronic Arts. He is author of the lecture Techno-Parasites, Bringing the Machinic Unconscious to Life.


bio: 1999

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