Erik Minkkinen

Erik Minkkinen [Foto © Jan Sprij 2005]

Erik Minkkinen

Erik Minkkinen (FR) is the founder of the nomadic Placard festival.

Erik Minkkinen is involved in the European Max/MSP scene, and a whole range of online projects. He plays in several music projects, with Noël Akchoté, Andrew Sharpley (Stock, Hausen & Walkman) and others. He is part of the alternative electronic music organisation Büro in Paris, and runs Le Placard headphone festival since 1998.

Minkkinen's music is in-between sound processing, randomly improvised objects, saturating his laptop in the same way he used to saturate his guitar years ago, with his band Sister Iodine (with Lionel Fernandez too); he is (also) half part of Discom (with Lionel Fernandez) and Intertecsupabrainbeatzroomboyz (with Andy Bolus).


Erik performed during the Rotterdam Headphone Lounge Le Placard in September 2005.

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