Jan Misker

photo: Carina Hesper

Jan Misker

Jan Misker was project Manager at V2_Lab from 2006 till 2021.

Jan Misker was a project manager in the V2_Lab. He was responsible for managing aRt&D projects that have a strong technical aspect, for example involving Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality. In this capacity he bridges artistic concepts to the latest technological developments.

Projects he lead include a wide range of artworks, science collaborations, the Summer Sessions network for Talent Development, and curating and coordinating art exhibitions. Prior to his appointment at V2_ Jan worked as a researcher in the field of Man Machine Interaction. Jan holds an MSc in Cognitive Science and Engineering.

view: http://www.linkedin.com/in/janmisker

view: http://www.facebook.com/jan.misker

view: http://twitter.com/janmisker


Project management, bridging the gap between artist and developer.

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Skype: v2_jan

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