Lino Hellings

Lino Hellings; photo: Jan Sprij

Lino Hellings

Lino Hellings (NL) is the founder of P.A.P.A.

Lino Hellings is a founder of the legendary theater company Dogtroep, which investigated public space in specific locations, as P.A.P.A. does today, though Dogtroep's purpose was not to make news but spectacle theater. As public spaces in western cities began to look more and more alike (the same kinds of commercial streets with the same stores), Hellings left Dogtroep after seventeen years to focus on the new public space of the Internet. In her net projects, she always endeavored to create a hybrid of physical and virtual space. P.A.P.A. focuses on the rediscovery of local physical space, from the globalized perspective that the Internet makes possible.


P.A.P.A. (Participating Artists' Press Agency): http://www.papaplatform.com/

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