Mieke  Gerritzen

Mieke Gerritzen

Mieke Gerritzen

Mieke Gerritzen (NL) is a designer and co-founder of All Media Foundation.

Mieke Gerritzen was involved from the start in the design of digital media and the web. In the early nineties, she worked on the first Dutch websites, including that of radio and television broadcaster VPRO. She makes designs for all media and works with designers, writers and artists, creating networks in-between. Gerritzen also makes films,  organizes public events such as The Biggest Visual Power Show, and publishes books such as  Everyone is a Designer (2001), Mobile Minded (with Geert Lovink, 2002) and Next Nature (with Koert van Mensvoort (eds), 2005).

Gerritzen likes to work in all the different media: print, television, cd-roms, the web. She has transformed her print-based graphic design background into on-screen media, while remaining true to the foundation of her discipline - the graphic language of line and primary colors. Her website design is, then, somehow radical but unique. She works within the Web's restrictions, but uses the latest technology to clarify content and navigation.

Gerritzen is head of the Graphic Design section of the Sandberg Institute, the masters' course affiliated to the Rietveld Academy. She founded NL.Design (which organizes events such as The International Browserday), and which became the All Media Foundation that she directs together with Koert van Mensvoort. The two released the Twins Memory Game and Visual Power Memory Game. She received many prizes, and gives lectures and presentations worldwide. Since 2009, Gerritzen is the director of the new Dutch museum for design, the Graphic Design Museum in Breda.


Mieke Gerritzen participated in the Test_Lab: What Crisis?! on July 9, 2009.

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