Piem Wirtz

Hands-on projectmanager in art, design and technology.

Piem studied at Delft University of Technology and holds a Msc in Industrial Design Engineering. Being trained as a product designer, she is also participating as a dancer in the contemporary dance group Dattah.

From November 2007 until January 2013 Piem was projectmanager at V2_Lab. Her main focus was on wearable technology projects, where she was not only involved from a management perspective but also in the hands-on production of artworks. Together with Melissa Coleman she initiated the E-Textile Workspace, a platform for discussion about wearable technology and smart textiles. Besides hosting the monthly Workspaces, Piem coached artists in V2_'s residency program and was supervising the team of hardware developers. Since september 2012, she is coach at Wearable Senses within the Industrial Design department of the TU/e.


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