Valerie Lamontagne

Valérie Lamontagne in "Symmetrical Modern 001"

Valerie Lamontagne

Valérie Lamontagne (CA) researched techno-artistic frameworks that combine human/nonhuman agencies, and developed responsive (wearables) objects and scenarios.

Valérie Lamontagne was a digital media artist-designer, theorist and curator researching techno-artistic frameworks that combine human/nonhuman agencies. Looking at the rich practice of performance art, social intervention and interactive installations – she was invested in developing responsive objects (specifically wearables) and interactive media scenarios which interlope the public-at-large, the environment and matter as performer.

Valérie has been working in the field of interactive textiles and wearables for over five years where she  developed projects such as Peau d’Âne – a series of three weather-networked dresses based on the Charles Perrault fairy tale in which a princess asks for dresses made of the sun, moon and sky. She has also been involved in the research of intelligent textiles working as a consultant for Cirque du Soleil in their R&D department to create interactive costumes as well as mounting the exhibition Electromode at the  2010 Vancouver Olympics, which showcased the work of Canadian wearables designers and artists. She was the Founder and Director of 3lectromode, a small design group invested in developing wearables, which combine D-I-Y technology with current fashion research. Through the 3lectromode platform, she has created wearable kits – a series of responsive dresses – which are available commercially via the website.

As a media artist-designer, her work has been showcased in festivals, galleries and museums across Canada, the United States, Central and South America and Europe.

She died on 4 October 2019.



From January to April, Valérie Lamontagne investigated V2_ as a test subject for an ethnography of practices of wearables as well as developing D-I-Y Performative Wearables in the lab. She concluded her research by curating the Test_Lab: Clothing Without Cloth.


Valerie Lamontage on curating Test_Lab: Clothing Without Cloth (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.


on curating the Test_Lab: Clothing Without Cloth


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