DareDroid 2.0 cocktailmaking dress

'The DareDroid' is a biomechanic cocktail making dress that uses medical technology, customised hardware and human temperament to provide freshly made cocktails.

DareDroid 2.0 cocktailmaking dress

Photo: Jean-Sébastien Senécal

The DareDroid is a biomechanic cocktail making dress that uses medical technology, customised hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made cocktail. The human host and robotic dress work together to provide you with a cocktail in exchange for a game of "Truth or Dare".  The robotic performance playfully transgresses and explores human interaction in public spaces and inverts the normal social experience by asking people to reveal personal information.

Sensors around the model’s neck detect your presence and allows the technological system to dispense non-alcoholic liquid.  Your willingness to play a touch screen based game of Truth or Dare, combined with your natural charm triggers the decision to give you more than just juice. LED’s on the robotic dress indicates your proximity to the human host, and if you breach her intimate space the system shuts down.  Play the game, and be rewarded.

The Modern Nomads (MoNo) - the team behind DareDroid - is comprised of a hacker, a fashion designer, and a sculptor.

Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch fashiontech designer that uses electronics in her designs.

Marius Kintel is a hacker, tinkerer, and engineer based in Vienna and at the Metalab.

Jane Tingley is a Montreal based artist who works with sculpture, responsive installation, and sound.


Video: Presentation of DareDroid at the Elektra festival (Montreal / Canada) April 2011.



The technology for mixing the cocktail and controlling the fluids is based on the hardware and software developed earlier at V2_Lab, during Anouk Wipprecht's summer residency Pseudomorphs.

The dress has two levels of responsiveness - the first level is externally triggered, as the sensors built into the dress will give it “a mind of its own”. The dress responds to people based on proximity using the rules of proxemics introduced by Edward T Hall in 1966, which measures the distance between intimate space (0 – 18 inches or 0 - 46 cm) and personal space (1.5 – 4 feet – 46 cm - 120 cm). The developers used these distances to create rules that define interaction, so if the viewer enters the models intimate space, the technological system will shut down preventing any liquid from being dispensed. However if the viewer remains within the personal space, or at a respectful distance s/he will activate the dispensation of a non-alcohol containing liquid. Once the liquid has been put into the cup, the viewer is then invited to an touch phone based game of Truth or Dare. If the participant completes the game, the model will then choose to add the alcohol into the drink. If the player refuses to play the game, then he or she will be given just the juice.

The DareDroid series started during a residency at Quartier21/MQ in Vienna September 2010 by Anouk Wipprecht and Jane Tingley. The previous DareDroid 1.0 dress (Cocktailmaking robot dress) got presented during RoboExotica in Vienna/Austria, a festival for cocktailmaking robots.



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