Evolving Spark Network

Interactive sound and light installation (2010 - 2011) by Edwin van der Heide (NL).

Evolving Spark Network

Evolving Spark Network (during Museumnacht 2011)

The installation Evolving Spark Network consists of a grid of electric spark bridges that traverses an exhibition space. Together, they form a plane about ten feet above the floor. The movements of visitors in the installation space are detected by means of radio frequency motion detectors and used as input for the network. Just as neurons form networks in our bodies, the spark bridges form an interconnected network in the exhibition space. This network serves as a metaphor for the electrical impulses by which our nerves communicate information, activated by input from the physical world.

The electric sparks produce both sound and light, and the patterns generated have distinct visual and sonic qualities. The visitors find themselves in the middle of an installation that addresses the whole space that it occupies. 

For Edwin van der Heide electric sparks represent beauty, purity and simplicity. In fact, an electric spark is one of the most elementary forms of light generation, while the impulse produced produces the shortest imaginable sound. Composing with these impulses can therefore be seen as one of the most fundamental forms of composition in time and space.

"...a stunning installation" - The New York Times

Produced in collaboration with V2_Lab. (Simon de Bakker and Stan Wannet)

Evolving Spark Network by Edwin van der Heide (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.


Interactive installation with spark bridges, electromagnetic movement sensors, spark and sensor interfaces, computer, and custom software. 
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