Micro-Nutrient Couture

"Micro-Nutrient Couture" (2010) by Emily Crane is a sustainable high-tech kitchen couture from natural and edible materials.

Micro-Nutrient Couture

photo: Emily Crane

Micro-Nutrient Couture evolved from a restrictive brief based on the premise of zero resources to create fashion futures; without the current mass production capabilities available, what would a fashion practitioner do?

Micro-Nutrient Couture aims to create a fashion experience in a world exploring 'the constant new', offering a fresh alternative to the compulsive shopper obsessed with fast fashion, high street consumption and throw-away prices. This project focuses on creating fashion using boundary-less techniques from the everyday – where the artist cooks, blends, cultures and forms ice bubbles as silhouettes.

Micro-Nutrient Couture is a sensory world of transient fashion where no-one but the individual will ever wear the same dress again. Through this unique process and development of new materiality, an innovative creative foundation for future fashion design, conscious of the restraints of our future planet and the impact from current fashion cycles. The methods look towards 'survival' as a key factor informing the processes; fashion is no longer a thing of simple beauty, but of nutrition also.

Micro-Nutrient Couture is kind of a high-tech kitchen couture, where experiments with materials that occur naturally when cooked up from edible ingredients include gelatines, kappa carrageenan, agar-agar sea vegetable, water, natural flavour extracts, glycerine, food colouring and lusters.


Micro-Nutrient Couture from Emily Crane on Vimeo.

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