Moving Mapping

"Moving Mapping" (2011) is a work by Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer (from the WERC collective) on the aesthetics of projection mapping.

Moving Mapping

Moving Mapping

Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer were interested in ways to integrate projection mapping into the physical world; being able to integrate, adjust or change through a digital on top of the real world, thus augmenting the world with a new (visual) layer of meaning. For Jelle and Olav the subjects of augmentation range from fine art (paintings, sculpture) to marketing (advertisement posters) and architecture. By augmenting objects with projection mapping, they are able to convey their personal opinions and ideas about them in a public yet non-disruptive manner, blurring the distinction between private and public which raises questions about ownership, and monopoly of visual identity among others.

Technically this involves, for example, being able to track moving objects with projection mapping, or being able to integrate human input into projection mapping.

For this project the artists have created a "mother" sculpture, a basic shape that could refer to different subjects, and a dozen replicas of this sculpture. The replicas are altered in a analog ways, for example a replica built from ice that melts. These analog transformations will be visible as 360 degree video mappings on the mother sculpture. Different materials, different progress, and change of time can be mixed together.

The audience can interact with the mother sculpture by rotating the disc it stands on, the rotation is linked to the playing rate and playing direction of the projected video mappings. This makes it possible to see e.g. the ice sculpture melting, but also the reverse, a 'freezing' ice sculpture.

Moving Mapping by Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.

also here: Moving Mapping from Toni Nottebohm on Vimeo.

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