The World in a Shell

"The World in a Shell" Hans Kalliwoda is a high-tech autarkic container, a mobile laboratory and living unit that can unfold itself like a shell. It started a world journey in the spring of 2010.

The World in a Shell

photo: Jan Sprij 2010

The World in a Shell, an ambitious work in progress by artist Hans Kalliwoda, brings together themes including art and science, communities and cultural heritage. The World in a Shell is a high-tech, self-sufficient container that functions as a mobile laboratory and living unit. The container can be folded out into a large shell-shaped construction in which exhibitions, presentations and workshops can be held. In collaboration with Delft University of Technology, Kalliwoda and his team have equipped the container with the very latest sustainable technologies. Solar energy, water recycling, and communication facilities ensure the container can function autonomously in every possible environment. The project is a model of sustainability and spreads the message that the most advanced technologies can be used without harming the environment or disturbing a community's way of life. 

After its completion, the container will make a five-year trip around the world, stopping at eleven UNESCO world heritage sites on all the continents. Hans Kalliwoda will live in the container as a traveling artist-in-residence, organizing arts activities at each location, collect the results, and distribute them around the world. Crossovers between cultures and communities, knowledge exchange, and sustainability are key concepts in the project.

In collaboration with the Netherlands Architecture Institute, V2_ organizes the kick off in Rotterdam of The World in a Shell’s trip around the world with an exhibition of the container and a series of lectures and workshops around some of the project’s themes, such as migration, sustainability and ecology. Full details will be announced on this website.



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