Watch That Sound

"Watch That Sound" is an educational project introducing children to sound design.

Watch That Sound is an educational project to introduce children into the world of music, sound design and film. During workshops with teachers or music instructors (or even at home), children between eight and twelve learn how to make soundtracks for short films, thereby gaining an understanding for the relationship between image and sound.

The children analyze a film, design a score, record or edit sound, and synchronize them with the images. The software is easy to use, and the computer does most of the 'difficult' work, leaving the children free to directly implement their ideas.

Make sound

The films are finalized, and screened with the sounds and music at the end of the workshop. They can then be uploaded to personal websites or Youtube, from where they can be shared with others.

Watch That Sound is a co-production between Jacques van de Veerdonk and V2_Lab.

The software is realized by V2_, and supports the entire process, from the analysis of film fragments to the synchronization of audio and video. It works on all current computers (Windows and Mac) that have a sound card, and a simple microphone. It can be freely download in autumn 2010 through the Watch that Sound portal.

More: http://www.watchthatsound.nl

Watch That Sound was presented during the Test_Lab: Artistic Interfaces on March 12, 2009.


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