DEAF00 - Machine Times

DEAF00 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - Machine Times (2000).

DEAF00 - Machine Times

DEAF00 poster

Nov 2000
Nov 2000
location: V2_ and various locations, Rotterdam

Time structures are built into technological apparatus, from chronometers to industrial machines, and from the frequencies of radios to computers with ever increasing processing speeds (clock speed). But time also plays an essential role in our natural constitution; our bodies themselves are already time machines, driven by biological cycles and aging mechanisms fixed in the cell (the cell clock). The most radical border to thought concerning time is crossed when we direct ourselves to the speed of light, behind which lies the utopian realm of travel through time.

DEAF00 investigated how our perception of time is influenced by the widespread deployment of media technology (photography, film, television, internet, interactive media and virtual reality) in our daily lives.

DEAF00 (2000) from V2_ on Vimeo.


The Dutch Electronic Art Festival, DEAF00, was presented in November 2000 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). This international and interdisciplinary festival presented an exhibition of interactive art, selected WWW-sites, live performances, lectures and artist presentations, workshops and an academic symposium. DEAF00 had its own special website and was accompanied by a book publication dealing with the festival theme, Machine Times. DEAF was organised by V2_Organisation Rotterdam and addressed a varied audience of specialists as well as students and the general public.

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