Hands On Hands Off: Three Surfaces of Disengagement

Hands On Hands Off is a live audiovisual and interactive look at three such surfaces of disengagement at the scale of the city, the street, the wall - an examination of electronic imaging, the aesthetics of 'surface' and their influence as generators of urban perception. Three hands-on projects which retake a piece of the city and bring us back inside the mediascape, shown during De Wereld van Witte de With festival.

Hands On Hands Off: Three Surfaces of Disengagement

Pollstream; photo: Jan Sprij

Sep 2005
Nov 2005
14:00 to 19:00
location: V2_ and Witte de With, Rotterdam

Our daily environment is an assemblage of media language. We are seduced to enter the image, to live the message of media, yet our relationship to the media surface is becoming one of disengagement - of dismemberment between ourselves and our environment.


surface 01> Tim Otto Roth (on media architecture)
surface 02> HeHe.org (on urban interaction)
surface 03> Els Viaene (on sound barriers)

V2_live event and urban installations (during De Wereld van Witte de With festival), made possible through collaboration with Rotterdam Festivals, KPN Telecom and Viacom Outdoor.

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