Happy Doomsday!

During the IFFR and as part of the Exploding Cinema program, V2_ presents "Happy Doomsday!" by Cãlin Dan (RO/NL).

Happy Doomsday!

Cãlin Dan: Happy Doomsday!

Jan 2000
Feb 2000
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Happy Doomsday! is a computer game and an information machine dealing with the culture of war as it developed in Europe during pre-historical and historical times.

During the International Film Festival Rotterdam and as part of the Exploding Cinema programma, V2_ presented the Dutch premier exhibition of the interactive multi-user installation Happy Doomsday! by Cãlin Dan (RO/NL). Happy Doomsday! is a reflexion about history and action, modelled on a computer game in which two users go into battle. Two fitness machines function as interfaces and navigation tools in the virtual battlegrounds and dungeons of European culture.


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