One Day Conference: The Internet of Things

V2_ hosted the one day Conference "The Internet of Things" organized by Council and hybridLiving.

One Day Conference: The Internet of Things

Edition 2009 Brussels

Dec 2011
08:00 to 16:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

What are the consequences and questions for our home-environment in relation to the Internet of Things? 

This one day conference will bring together a variety of researchers throughout the diverse disciplines. We will present and discuss the current status of the Internet of Things for the effort to articulate elements that will contribute to the actual, ongoing development of home versus technology.

On December 9, 2009, the first Council-conference was held in Brussels. A wide variety of researchers, artists, IT-professionals, architects etc. gathered to discuss questions and answers concerning the Internet of Things. Part of this debate was focused on sub-themes, one of those was ‘Home-Sense’: what are the consequences, implications, questions for our home-environment in relation to the IoT? 

On April 9th, the world-wide IoT-day, this discussion was continued in Rotterdam on a smaller scale: now, 2 years later, it is time to gather the developments and focus once again on the issues involved. This conference intends to do that by bringing together a variety of professionals and researchers throughout the various disciplines, present/discuss the current status and try to articulate elements that will contribute to the actual, still developing issues of home vs. technology. 

The morning session will handle the background, architecture, technology; after lunch the emphasis will be on experience, privacy, spheres. A substantial amount of time will be reserved for discussion between lectures and presentations; to question the speaker and to ensure the possibility for a debate with the visitors. 



Architecture, infrastructure, technology 

Introduction by Martin Pot

Rob van Kranenburg (Council): IoT, a reactive and proactive approach 

Ben van Lier (Centric): Connections, information and reality 

Tomasz Jaskiewicz (ONL/TUD): Architectural ecosystems of people & things 

Frans Vogelaar (Academy of Media Arts Cologne/Hybrid Space Lab): Hybridnet

John Post (Open Platform Data Netherlands): Dimensions Blurred

Environment, privacy, experience

Tijmen Wisman (VU): The right to silence in the home 

Eric Simon Thomas (icrest.): Media Connected

Selected students from Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts, Crosslab, will react on theme and subject.  

Documentation (part 1)

The Internet of Things part 1 (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.


Documentation (part 2)

Internet of Things part 2 (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.


9:00 doors open 
9:30 start morning sessions 
12:45 lunch
13:30 start afternoon sessions 
16:45 drinks 

Conference fee: 35 EURO including lunch.

For registration and payment click here please.

Special fee for students: click here please (On admittance student registration pass must be shown for verification, please).

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