surface 01, Tim Otto Roth: Imachinations

Pixelsex: installation on the media facade of KPN tower, Wilhelminaplein (Rotterdam), during De Wereld van Witte de With festival (9-11 September) and Imachinations presentation at V2_ on Saturday 10 September, 16:00-20:00 hrs.

surface 01, Tim Otto Roth: Imachinations

Pixelsex Rotterdam; photo: Jan Sprij

Sep 2005
Sep 2005
location: KPN Tower Rotterdam and V2_

The oeuvre of media artist Tim Otto Roth explores the post-photographic image - a pictorial culture beyond painting, photography and photoshop emanating from the world of science. Following Peter Weibel's statement that "images are no longer there to help understand the world; images are there help to understand data," Tim Otto Roth draws attention to the delocalisation of the image. In his project 100 Days - 100 Imachinations image sequences based on the number PI are called up from the internet and shifted in time to generate new visual structures. Because of its immaterial home in the world wide web, these can appear simultaneously, in different contexts and medial forms.

The art project differs from conventional internet art projects as it oscillates between painting, light and media art and opens new pictorial possibilities in public space. Roth's delocalising intervention - one and the same picture appears simultaneously in several places - enables him to draw attention to a new quality in Web-based images: their potential lack of location.

Roth realizes his projects as large temporary presentations in conjunction public space or scientific institutions. His current 'cellular automata' piece Pixelsex has been developed for display on the media facade of the Rotterdam KPN tower on Wilhelminaplein to coincide with the Wereld van Witte de With festival. Pixelsex presents a simulation methodology which enlarges and brings to life the world of the pixel as a large, urban-scale media event.


See also: http://www.pixelsex.org

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