Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition

In this edition of Test_Lab we celebrate the graduation of a selection of freshly graduated media artists from European art and design academies as well as the 25th edition of Test_Lab!

Jul 2011
18:00 to 21:00

Featuring: Steffen Fiedler & Jonas Loh (Royal College of Art, London), Lyoudmilla Milanova (Academy of Media Arts, Cologne), Nicky Assmann (ArtScience Interfaculty, The Hague), Birgit Bachler (Piet Zwart institute, Rotterdam), Wouter Huis (Transmedia, Brussels), Xandra van der Eijk (ArtScience Interfaculty, The Hague), Marguerite Humeau (Royal College of Art, London).

Critical respondent: Alex Adriaansens (Director, V2_)

Young people are the innovators and change agents of society, revealing the future to us by creating it. Therefore, this edition of Test_Lab takes a close look at a selection of outstanding art and design work created by young artists and designers currently exhibiting in graduation shows across Europe. Which topics are being addressed by this new generation of artists and designers? What are their motives, positions, methodologies and media of choice? And how are these new professionals planning to shape their careers as artists and designers in today’s cultural climate in flux? As it is custom to V2_’s Test_Lab events, the audience will be invited to examine each graduation project 'hands-on'. 

Following the live demonstrations and discussions, you are cordially invited to our Diskohedron party that celebrates the artists’ and designers’ graduation, as well as the 25th edition in the Test_Lab event series. The Diskohedron, a laser-cut light installation by Philipp Lammer, Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic has 32 individually controlled light bulbs that respond to sound; in this case that of V2_’s resident DJ’s.


Event stream:

Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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