Test_Lab: Smell This!

Witness the decomposition of Chanel No. 5, sniff out a partner, taste with your nostrils, and more treats for the nose. With Sissel Tolaas, Susana Soares and Maki Ueda. Opening: Caro Verbeek.

Mar 2012
19:00 to 22:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Demonstrations: Sissel Tolaas (NO/DE) | Susana Soares (PT) | Maki Ueda (JP/NL) | Opening: Caro Verbeek (NL) | Performance: Jorg Hempenius (AJ Scentman, NL) | DJ: BEATNOLOGIC (NL)

Would you rather give up your sense of smell or your smartphone? A recent worldwide study conducted among youths aged 16 - 22 found that more than half of them would chose technology over their own sense of smell. What good is a nose anyway when all your friends, entertainment and sources of information are online? This edition of Test_Lab will reveal that your sense of smell might actually be the best reason to stay connected to the physical world. While the communication industry is fixated on visual and aural communication, it is the work of pioneering olfactory artists that points out the significance and potential of communication through smell.

In this edition of V2_’s Test_Lab, Maki Ueda performs a live experiment in decomposing the legendary fragrance Chanel No. 5, Susana Soares shows you how to sniff out a partner, and one of the world’s greatest scent experts, Sissel Tolaas, lets you taste with your nostrils. Art-historian Caro Verbeek kicks off the evening with a talk on smelly art, accompanied by a genuine AJ (Aroma Jockey).

Smell all of this at Test_Lab!

Please do not wear any perfume during Test_Lab: Smell This! It will interfere with the artworks.


Test_Lab: Smell This! (2012) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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