The Body in Ruin (exhibition)

'The Body in Ruin' was an exhibition of mostly interactive works, which was part of the Manifestion for the Unstable Media 5.

The Body in Ruin (exhibition)

Erik Hobijn: Delusions of self-immolation (demonstration)

Sep 1993
Oct 1993
12:00 to 16:00
location: V2_ Muntelstraat - Den Bosch, Muntelstraat 23

The exhibition showed four works: Paul Sermon's Telematic Dreaming; Keith Piper's Intervention: A Nigger in Cyberspace; Orlan's My Flesh, the Text and the Languages; and Delusions of Self-immolation by Erik Hobijn.

Text from the old archive website

An exposition of mostly interactive works of art which, each from its own angle, commented upon the theme of "the Body in Ruin".

The Body in Ruin (1993-94) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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