Cocktail Making Robot Dress

Daredroid. Photo: Robert Lunak

Cocktail Making Robot Dress

Anouk Wipprecht, Jane Tingley and Marius Kintel created Daredroid, a cocktail making dress based on the technology of Pseudomorphs, for the Roboexotica festival: the worlds first (and therefore leading) festival for cocktail robotics.

Daredroid is a biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot, which rewards players with a White Russian cocktail upon accepting and completing a game of Truth or Dare. The dress combines pneumatic technology with open-source hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made White Russian cocktail.Your presence triggers the dress to produce milk, and your willingness to play a game of Truth and Dare combined with your natural charm, triggers the decision to give you more than just tepid milk.

The technology for mixing the cocktail and controlling the fluids is based on the hardware and software developed earlier at V2_Lab, during Wipprechts summer residency Pseudomorphs. It is exciting to see how a work evolves into something new, providing a different perspective on the original concept. Quartier21/MQ hosted Anouk during her stay in Vienna as an artist in residency.

Roboexotica took place in Vienna December 2-5, 2010. Quartier21/MQ hosted Anouk during her stay in Vienna as an artist in residency.

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