DEAF2012 Workshops

As part of DEAF2012 a series of workshops will be organized on augmented reality, wearable technology and ecology. Each workshop will be led by artists and specialists in the field. Places are limited, it is important to register early.

DEAF2012 has three subthemes arising from the specialties of the V2_Lab: Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology and Ecology. Within each theme, three events will take place at the festival: a debate, a workshop and a networking event, in which you can get to know colleagues, students, artists and researchers in the field.

Each workshop will take place over two days; participants should attend both days. Below is an overview of the themes and workshops. For more details and further information on the education program and workshops by Digital Playground, NiMK please see www.deaf.nl.


Thing Power


Thing Power refers to the notion that all the things in the world are not just inert matter but causal forces that play decisive roles in worldly events. In philosophy, there’s a long-standing debate on the nature of the power of things. Artists and designers seem to explore and use this power on a daily basis.

May 17 Debate: Cesar Harada, Jae Rhim Lee, Harry Smoak, Roman Kirschner, Christien Meindertsma, TeZ

May 17 Meet The Scene: Arjen Bangma, Koert van Mensvoort, Simone de Waart, Sam Nemeth 

May 18 & 19, Thing Power Workshop: Decompiculture

In this workshop, you will be introduced to corpse decompiculture by learning to grow edible mushrooms on your own discarded body tissue (hair, skin, nails) using simple DIY materials at home. The Infinity Burial Project’s Decompiculture Society will host this workshop, promoting awareness and acceptance of death and the cultivation of organisms that decompose and remediate toxins in dead bodies.


Crafting the Future


Wearable technology is an electronic-culture knowledge domain situated at the intersection between art, technology and fashion. Its purpose is to research and develop interfaces between virtual and physical realities using the body as a locus. Artists working in this domain have particular knowledge of what various materials “do” in relation to the body – for instance, how they allow, amplify or restrain certain movements, behaviors and modes of bodily expression.

May 18, Debate: Bernard Foing, Anouk Wipprecht, Mika Satomi, Moritz Waldemeyer, Francesca Rosella, Syuzi Pakhchyan

May 18, Meet the Scene: Alex Schaub, Kristi Kuusk, Mili Tharakan, Melissa Coleman

May 17 & 18, 3D Textile Workshop: Crafting the Future 

This workshop will pair two crafts that are unlikely to meet in everyday life: 3D printing and weaving. You’ll create samples of new materials that could be useful in e-textiles and wearable technology, combining the two techniques in the process. The workshop will be led by professionals from the Ultimaker community and the Swedish School of Textiles. You'll explore the possibilities together in an intense day-and-a-half-long workshop and present the results at the networking event Meet the Scene.


Augmented Society


Augmented reality is being applied more and more in specific domains such as advertising and location-based services. But the utopian future in which everyone constantly lives in augmented or mixed reality seems just as far away as ever. In the technical, academic AR community, this is often attributed to current technical constraints, but it can be argued that there are also societal reasons, including privacy concerns and aversion at being disconnected from the physical body.

May 19, Debate: Jacco van Uden, Julian Oliver, Mark Shepard, Prof. Mireille Hildebrandt, Christian van 't Hof

May 19, Meet the Scene: AR Lab, TU Delft, Layer

May 17 & 18 Augmented Society Workshop: Mock-It-Up 

This workshop with Jan Klug, Olivier Otten and Keiichi Matsuda will investigate dystopian and utopian visions of augmented reality. Of course, it is not technically possible to create all these experiences now, so we'll create mock-up visualizations instead. The first morning will be devoted to concept development; after that, storyboarding and initial video shooting will begin. On the second day, we'll create compelling videos, using tools ranging from cardboard to AR markers and video manipulation, depending on the concepts and storyboards dreamed up by participants. This workshop is available by registration only. Click here to download the registration form. Please fill out the form and e-mail it to Jan Misker with "DEAF2012 AR workshop application" in the subject line.

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