DMY Berlin Report

Maker Lab space

DMY Berlin Report

June 10 2010, V2_ participated at the Maker Lab during the DMY Festival. Meg Grant, Melissa Coleman, Anja Hertenberger, Joachim Rotteveel and Piem Wirtz represented the E-Textile Workspace in Berlin.

The E-Textile Workspace team was invited by the DMY organization to facilitate a workshop at the Maker Lab, a 'habitat of Open Design workstations that invite you to explore an unparalleled dimension of hands-on knowledge sharing'.

The open structure of the event stimulated various creative minds to collaborate and explore possibilities of new materials and production methods. A guerilla-weaver jumped onto our conductive thread and made us a small piece that could be used in a circuit, others were rubbing bio-plastic jelly into pieces of cloth to create lampshades out of them. The Open Design exhibition space was growing around us during the day, since the modular pieces were laser-cut at the Fablab while we were giving the workshop and explained visitors the concept and principles of wearable technology.

Since we expected our participants to be new to the field of wearable technology, we prepared a very basic E-textile kit to make a soft switch and incorporate that into a garment of choice. Preparing fifty kits in the train to Berlin raised some eyebrows, but made travel-time fly. We had a great time in sunny Berlin...




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