From Lab to Showbiz!

Black Eyed Peas during SuperBowl XLV

From Lab to Showbiz!

Millions all over the world witnessed the spectacular show of the Black Eyed Peas during the halftime entertainment of the Super Bowl 2011. The costume Fergie was wearing is designed by Anouk Wipprecht and 'Stylist of the Stars' B. Akerlund.

One of the main goals of V2_ Lab's Summer Sessions is to boost the career of young and promising artists/designers. And now we have an example which we are incredibly excited and utterly proud of.

Anouk Wipprecht's explorations in combining technology with fashion took a huge leap after her fashion-tech design for Daan Roosegaarde's Intimacy project which was co-developed by V2_Lab. Right after the completion of Intimacy Black, Anouk participated in the Summer Sessions 2010 as an artist in residence during which she designed Pseudomorphs, a neckpiece that is driven by pneumatic control valves to color the white absorbing dresses underneath, to make them bleed and form patterns. Along with another tech-enhanced piece - the Heartbeat dress - it became a part of her collection that was featured on the Vienna Fashion Week 2010.

Soon after, for the RoboExotica Festival; together with Jane Tingley; Anouk created "Daredroid the Cocktail Making Dress" based on the same technology developed by V2_Lab for the Pseudomorphs dress.

We believe Anouk's fashion-tech designs stand out in the ocean of "blinks & bleeps"; as Bruce Sterling would put it, for a reason. Both due to the specialized technology they make use of and the fragile yet strongly expressive quality intrinsic to their nature.

Not so surprisingly, her works have caught the eye of the "Stylist of the Stars" Bea Akerlund, who is known for her work with the world's biggest names in the showbiz such as; Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Black Eyed Peas and so on.. B. Akerlund realizing the innovative design & technology in Pseudomorphs & Daredroid, invited Anouk to co-create an outfit with her. The Black Eyed Peas being so fond of technology enhanced costumes, made them a perfect match to dress in wearable tech.

Yesterday, during the spectacular show of the Black Eyed Peas in the halftime entertainment of the Super Bowl XLV, along with millions of other people we have witnessed the first product of their fruitful collaboration. The outfit worn by the BEP's lead singer Fergie, was a true eye catcher.

LUMINEX_shoeThe illuminating shoes were integrated with Luminex, a non-reflective material which emits it's own light. For this piece Anouk collaborated with the Dutch master shoemaker Rene van den Berg, whose technical replications on Jan Taminiau shoes were worn by Lady Gaga.

As for the the leather skirt, a belt studded with countless Swarovski crystals were created. Last but not least, the American Football inspired chest-piece design with flashing LED's was engineered by Tom Talmon.

Designing fashion-tech can be very labor intensive, but very rewarding as you can see. Aware of this fact V2_, with it's extensive knowledge and experience supported Anouk throughout this exciting design & decision making process.


Piem Wirtz: "I believe we succeeded very well in our Summer Sessions mission to boost the career of young and promising artists! At the end of the day, how many young designers can claim that their designs are worn by world's top most super-stars?"

Keep an eye on Anouk Wipprecht, we expect more surprises!

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