Julien Maire in residence at V2_ and Transmedia Brussel

Test for "Radio Flash", Julien Maire

Julien Maire in residence at V2_ and Transmedia Brussel

V2_ has initiated a new artist-in-residence program in which the V2_Lab will partner with art education institutions. Julien Maire started as V2_/Transmedia artist-in-residence.

The residencies in this new collaborative project are designed to strengthen the bond between art education and artistic practice. The first collaborative residency, taken up by the French media artist Julien Maire, is organized in partnership with the Transmedia Postgraduate Program in Arts + Media + Design in Brussels.

As part of his residency, Maire is teaching a group of international master's students in Brussels. He is supervising them in working with electronics and mechanics and introducing them to tools such as Max/MSP software. At the same time, the students are helping to produce two of Maire‚Äôs installations, the technological elements of which are being assembled at the V2_Lab. 

For the residency, Maire is working on two installations, provisionally entitled Radio Flesh and Dia/Portrait. Radio Flash is a photographic project in which Maire turns night into day by photographing landscapes after dark with an assortment of flashes synchronized to create a surreal "daylight." Dia/Portrait will be a stop-motion film in which a machine slowly polishes an aluminum plate in such a way that a mirror is created. The residency will continue until June. Check the V2_ website for announcements of presentations of these new works. 

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