Updated: scream for culture online

'Scream for culture' script installed in more than 60 websites and reached more than 18.000 people.

Last Friday (November 19, 2010), V2_ joined the national protests against the planned cuts to government arts funding. Besides joining the actions in the street, we initiated an online manifestation that involved developing a code snippet that could be run in any website. The script tilted the websites in order to reveal the national campaign 'Scream for culture'. The code is still available for those that would like to study it, change it or share it.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.v2.nl/nederland/schreeuwt-om-cultuur.js"></script>

According to our sever logs, the script was installed in more than 60 websites. Several blogs and organizations have joined the action, such as virtueelplatform.nl, nimk.nl, networkcultures.org, debalie.nl, steim.org, and kabk.nl. The conjunct action reached more than 18.000 people.

We hope that our collective action has helped in creating the necessary awareness in order to avoid the proposed cuts.

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