GATC/life is a virtual reality project inspired by the human genome. The work was realized at the Erasmus Medical Center’s I-Space.

In late 2004, the Erasmus Medical Center approached V2_ about a virtual reality project to be presented at the opening of its new bioinformatics department. V2_ was hereby given the opportunity to work with the Erasmus Medical Center’s I-Space, acquired for the purpose of carrying out scientific simulations in a 3D VR environment. The I-Space is a cubelike room (CAVE) that makes possible interactive 3D projections and the manipulation of 3D objects (e.g. representations of genes). The architect/artist  Sonia Cillari created a special piece, in collaboration with sound artist Edwin van der Heide, that made use of the exceptional qualities of this VR environment.

GATC/life is a virtual reality project inspired by the human genome. The artists created a dynamic, interactive multiuser experience with surround sound. The visualization took inspiration from the biomedical research of the Erasmus Medical Center. At the outset of the project, the biomedical research team, V2_’s developers, and the artist regularly exchanged information. Besides scientific visualizations, the I-Space lends itself outstandingly to interactive multimedia experiences. Cillari and Van der Heide’s virtual reality piece has been incorporated into the Erasmus Medical Center’s art collection.



“GATC/life is an immersive experience inside units of life. The liquid multicolored breathing membrane (the ‘inside’) contains flocks of cells and microscopic particles/molecules with disordered, human-like, noisy behaviors. Our presence and actions influence their configurations and growth within the space and around us. This work explores our perception under conditions of extended body dimensions and lack of control.” – Sonia Cillari








This project was financially made possible by the Pauwhof foundation, which focuses on the relationship between art and science.

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