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Bob Ostertag

Bob Ostertag (US) is a sampler-composer.

Otomo Yoshihide

Otomo Yoshihide (JP) is Tokyo's premiere noise DJ.

Jean-Marc Vivenza

Jean-Marc Vivenza (FR) is a philosopher, writer, musicologist.

Roberto Paci Dalo

Roberto Paci Dalò (IT) is a composer.

Mint Park

Mint Park is an electronic musician and a new media artist

Tsuji Ichiro

Tsuji Ichirō / 辻一郎 is a composer.

Ron Kuivila

Ron Kuivila (US) is a sound artist and composer.

Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens (NL) is a sound artist.

Philipp Lammer

Philipp Lammer (AT) is permanently studying digital arts.

Kasper T. Toeplitz

Kasper T. Toeplitz (US/FR) is a musician-composer.

Paul DeMarinis

Paul DeMarinis (US) is an electronic composer.

Dick Raaijmakers Monografie, speciale editie

Monografie over het werk van de pionier van de Nederlandse elektronische kunst.

Bart Visser

Bart Visser (NL) is an artist who works with the dialogue of light and sound within space.

Chris Salter

Chris Salter (CA) is an artist, associate professor, researcher and guest curator at V2_.

Dick Raaymakers

Dick Raaymakers (NL) was a pioneer in electronic and tape music.

Edwin van der Heide

Edwin van der Heide (NL) is a Dutch composer, performer and instrument builder.

Elmer Schoenberger

Elmer Schönberger (NL) is a musicologist, composer and writer.

Florentijn Boddendijk

Florentijn Boddendijk (NL) is a composer.

Frances-Marie Uitti

Frances-Marie Uitti (US) is a composer and musician.

Gordon Monahan

Gordon Monahan (CA) creates music, sound sculpture, sound installation, and computer-controlled sound environments.

Horst Rickels

Horst Rickels (NL/DE) is a cross-disciplinary artist who works in installation and sound.

Jacques van de Veerdonk

Jacques van de Veerdonk (NL) is a musician and audio imager.

Jane Henry

Jane Henry (US) is a violinist, composer, improvisor.

Jocelyn Robert

Jocelyn Robert (CA) is a composer, performer and writer.

Joel Ryan

Joel Ryan (NL/US) is a composer, inventor and scientist - a pioneer in the design of musical instruments based on real time digital signal processing.

Joram Kroon

Joram Kroon a.k.a. Prace (NL) is a composer and producer.

Kaffe Matthews

Kaffe Matthews (GB) is a composer and performer of new electro-acoustic music. She is a leading figure and pioneer in the field of electronic improvisation and ...

Karoly Toth

Károly Tóth (HU/NL) is an artist, curator and composer.

Kees Tazelaar

Kees Tazelaar (NL) is a composer and sonologist who also reconstructs early electronic works.

Kim Cascone

Kim Cascone (US) is a composer of electronic music.
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